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ENLIGHT Newsletter October 2022

ENLIGHT is a European University formed by nine comprehensive, research-intensive universities from nine European countries (Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden), training over 300,000 learners per year and sharing a deep commitment to their social responsibility.

The new ENLIGHT Newsletter has been published in October and includes this topics:

  • Program for the second ENLIGHT Teaching and Learning Conference and Awards in Göttingen November 2022
  • Call for participation in the 3rd edition of Challenge-based Education training
  • Networking Skills for Early Career Researchers – 25th October 2022
  • ENLIGHT Student Network launches Sustainable Best Practice guide
  • ENLIGHT online language courses for students and staff
  • The first ENLIGHT interdisciplinary course Designing Research on Different Dimensions of Equity

ENLIGHT aims to undertake a fundamental transformation of European higher education that empowers learners as globally engaged citizens with state-of-the-art knowledge, skills, and innovation potential to tackle major societal transitions and to promote equitable quality of life and sustainability.

ENLIGHT wants to establish the foundations of an open integrated European University System to ensure the free movement of students and staff and sharing of resources: www.enlight-eu.org