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Selbst-Lernformat / Self-learning format: Preparing for „field research“: Reflecting on ethics and security

Im Rahmen unseres Förderformates „from the bottom up“ sind in Kooperation mit Promovierenden neben dem neuen Workshop „Travel Risk Response in Field Research“ auch drei miteinander verbundene Peer-Group-Angebote in das diesjährige Qualifizierungsprogramm aufgenommen worden:

Preparing for field research“: Reflecting on ethics and security

Social sciences often rely on primary data collection activities and in certain disciplines PhD projects regularly entail or build on primary data collection, often in countries of the Global South. Recent discussions have shown that primary data collection in general, but especially so in low- and middle-income countries, often comes with ethical dilemmas and security challenges. These issues are rarely covered in the academic coursework. When preparing for primary data collection, there are many organizational and academic questions to deal with. Issues of ethics and security are sometimes not sufficiently considered. Interesting offers give you the opportunity to reflect upon these issues:

Self-learning course in Stud.IP

The self-learning course „Ethics and Security in Field Research in Development Economics” offers modules on ethical dilemmas in research question and design, collaboration, and working conditions, as well as positionality, decolonizing research and safety, including mental well-being. The course material includes recorded interviews, talks, and discussions with more than 40 stakeholders of the research value chain and other experts, papers, links, checklists, and exercises. While the course was originally designed for students in the field of development economics, the experts come from a wide range of disciplines including anthropology, geography and public health. As many of the dilemmas are not specific to a discipline, the course can be of interest to students from different backgrounds. All modules can be studied independently. The course is accessible to all members of the university via Stud.IP. In case of any questions or issues with signing-up, you can contact ann-charline.weber@uni-goettingen.de

Course: Ethics and security in „field research”

Learning about ethical dilemmas and their implication for the preparation and conduct of “field research” relies on reflection and exchange. The course uses an inverted-classroom approach building on the self-learning course: participants work through the assigned material and will discuss and critically reflect the studied material during six sessions of 2h each. The discussion sessions take place each Wednesday evening from 04.01.2023 to 08.02.2023 from 6 to 8pm. If the situation permits, the meetings take place in person. A preliminary meeting takes place online on 08.11.2023 at 6pm. Interested students can sign up via email to ggg.kursanmeldung@uni-goettingen.de